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Message from our CEO


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Always remember and put into practice our values:

Customer focus we should give more attention to the needs of our client.
Innovation and improvement of products and systems we continually upgrade to the latest innovations available in the market.
Commitment to quality high quality standards of training is our flagship.
Employee development/lifelong learning our employees were always upgraded thru trainings and seminars.
Employee recognitionwe recognized outstanding employees regularly for their performance.
Teamwork(collaboration, shared decision making within and between divisions) – always work as a team being a member of the NEWSIM family.
Constructive criticism is always welcome and see it as an opportunity for our continuous improvement.
Integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior the quality of being honest and have strong moral principles. Always do the right thing in a reliable way and recognize the difference between right and wrong. Consistently strive to set an example of good conduct.
(short-term and long-term) – is the primary goal of all business ventures including NEWSIM. Without profitability the business will not survive in the long run.In order to serve better our clients, we will continue to expand our presence in strategic locations across the Philippines and beyond if situation permits, innovate competitively with new ideas, continuously upgrade our facilities and equipments, more partnerships with other institutions and more courses to offer. We are one of the contributors of our maritime seafaring industry that helped in achieving global maritime excellence for our seafarer’s for the last 15 years.